Some verses...

From co-training to tri-training.

One sees light,

and the other one sees darkness

but they always work together

to enlarge the training set.


Sometimes they disagree,

so they keep independent labeled sets

but at the end, they always become friends.


Sometimes they make mistakes

and they will propagate

causing the overall performance to degrade.


Fortunately, they met a new learner

and whenever they agree,

the data point is shared with it.


Now the three train together

predict together

and will live forever.



During our random walk

I felt that joy

of standing on a global optimum.

Was it even real?

or was it a GAN’s work?


I wish I were a shapelet,

I wish I were a tree

so my soul could be interpreted

but only by you.


I may be a black box

but inside there is a voice

that tries to resonate

but vanishes away throughout the neural cells.


Oh please gradient descent

update these weights

to erase this pain.


For many; catastrophic-forgetting is a curse,

for me, it is a blessing.

Oh please, progressive networks

stay away from me!

I want to forget

to end this pain.


Disconnected components

You are my nodes and edges

when I’m a graph.

You are my root and leaves

when I’m a tree.


Every time you are here

I'm a clique;

but when you leave

my nodes become zero degree.


We used to be one connected component

but time has created bridges.

Today, the longest cut-edge ceased

and we’ve been set free.



All verses were written by Enrique Garcia Ceja